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Feb 20, 2020

Is it possible to have two essay questions on the same screen? If so, is there anything special that needs to be done with submission?

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Jerry Beaucaire

A lot of plumbing goes into something like this.   Since time is $$, I'd recommend only pursuing ideas with a lot of plumbing to accomplish if the end result significantly increases the learning experience.

Having one essay question on screen at a time is, in my opinion, easier on the user's eye, less stressful.  White space is calming.

So my recommendation - 2 essay questions = 2 slides.  ;)

Jerry Beaucaire

Ah.   Remember that all essay questions are stored in variables, by default something like TextEntry1, TextEntry2, etc.   Check the setup on the first question to spot that variable name.

Then, on the second slide, add a text box and put a reference to the earlier text variable.  This is done by surrounding the name of the variable with % signs.


When you run the PREVIEW, then you will be shown the value of the variable when the slide sees the macro syntax shown above.

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