Exit Button is Not Working

Jun 22, 2016

Hi all

I have a Doubt with Exit Course Trigger, whether I use a custom button with the exit course trigger it is working on Chrome, IE Browsers but it is not working on Firefox Browser. I have tried with different methods still it not working on Firefox. Is that a Browser Problem?

If Anyone Know please suggest me. Thank you.


Siva G

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Katie Riggio

Hello Sandy,

Thank you for those clues. I'm happy to jump in!

When you say the exit trigger does not work, does a 404 error page appear when clicking this option?

If so, we released a fix for this bug in Storyline 360 Build 3.39.22088.0. If you see this behavior on this update, I'm happy to troubleshoot the file to see what's going on in Chrome!

You can share the .story file publicly by using the Add Attachment button in your reply or privately by through this upload link.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

A quick update for you regarding the goodbye.html file. The latest update (Update 41) of Storyline moves the goodbye.html file back to its original location in your program files. If you’ve customized the goodbye.html file for your Storyline courses, you’ll need to copy and paste your custom file into the following folder on your computer after installing the latest Storyline 360 update.

32-bit Windows
C:\Program Files\Articulate\360\Storyline\Content\lms

64-bit Windows
C:\Program Files (x86)\Articulate\360\Storyline\Content\lms

See this article for details on customizing the goodbye.html file: https://articulate.com/support/article/Storyline-360-Customizing-or-Suppressing-the-Goodbye-html-Page

Let us know if you have any questions. We're happy to help!

Becca Levan

Hi Luke!

I'm happy to return to this discussion with an update—we've fixed the issue Katie mentioned where the: 

  • Exit course trigger does not work when published to Tin Can.

Be sure to install the latest Storyline 360 update (Build 3.50.24668.0) to take advantage of all the recent features and fixes.

If this happens again, please let us know! Or you can work directly with our support engineers here.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Elijah!

I'm happy to help! You can use the Exit Course button without using a separate Launch window. If you don't see this behavior with your course in the LMS environment, do you mind sharing your project with us? You can upload it privately in a support case.  Also, which LMS standard are you using? SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, TinCan, cmi5, etc.

We'll let you know when we receive your project!