Exit Course doesn't exit course

Hi ya'll,

I can not figure out why this is not working - I've included a trigger to Exit the Course when the button is clicked on. When I preview it, it works fine. When I run it from our server, nothing happens when I click on the button to exit.

Would somebody be so kind as to take a look at this 3-slide .story file and tell me how to correct this?

Thank you so much!


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Kristin H

OK - wait, wait, don't tell me!

I just tried running it using a different browser (IE instead of Chrome) and it worked. So, should I assume someone knows that there is a bug when using Exit Course with the Chrome browser?

Is there some way to test this to make sure it's not just me?!! haha - I'd appreciate it.

The posted version to view with your browser is here

Thank you!


Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Tawfick. Thanks for letting us know what's going on. I'm happy to help!

First, let's check to be sure that you're on the latest update. Click the Help tab, then click About Storyline. You should see Update 6 in the bottom-right corner. 

Let me know if you're already on the latest update, and we'll keep digging! 

Greg Walters


I'm having the same issue, the exit course trigger isn't working on a custom button (I'm using Storyline 3, with the December 2019 updates installed). I've tried this on various browsers and I' made sure the player settings have been set to launch a new window. I've tried this in our LMS (Moodle) and our institutional repository. Neither work

Any advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks,


Greg Walters

Hi there,

Please ignore my last message. The exit course trigger is working fine. I think the issue has been when I've been publishing it to our institutional repository - for whatever reason, when I viewed the course in this platform, and tried to exit  it wouldn't respond. However, I emailed myself a direct link to the articulate course I developed, opened it, clicked on close course button and worked fine (was using chrome). 

I'm going to begin testing in LMS next.

thanks again