"Exit course" function and course tracking not working in LMS

Hello, elearning folks!

I have a client who uses published Web files (instead of publishing for LMS) when uploading short activities created in Storyline to their LMS. The activities play just fine except that the "Exit course" trigger doesn't function and there's no way to mark the activity complete. Ideally, we'd want to conclude each activity with a button that both marks the activity complete and closes it.

After searching the forums, I've been able to find solutions to the "Exit course" problem, but only for publishing for LMS. If I could somehow get that to work for publishing to the Web, it seems like I could use Javascript to mark the course complete after pressing the same button.

Anyone have any ideas or experience with this issue?

Many thanks!!


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Rachel -- Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, we are not able to provide support for JavaScript, but there are lots of gurus in the community who are usually more than willing to assist! And in case you'd like to keep it handy for your reference, here is our JavaScript Best Practices and Examples sheet. :)

Rachel Ingram

Hi Christie, thanks for the response! But what about just the standard
Storyline "Exit course" trigger? Have there been issues with the trigger
not working in an LMS when using published Web files? I've found articles
about issues with this trigger, but there are only solutions for SCORM
files, not Web files. Thank you so much!