Exit Course - Launches Multiple Windows

I followed the Articulate recommended solution (see below) and it does not work. I get multiple windows launching.

I am publishing the STL-2 course to WEB, placing the files on a web-server and then launching the course by providing a web-link with the following syntax;

http:/Server path/launcher.html   (multiple windows launch to take the course but the exit course trigger does work. Don't want multiple windows launcing).

http:/Server path/story.html (single course window launches but exit course trigger does not work).

It's seems that Articulate does not have a working solution to course developers who want to have a button on the last screen to exit a course.

Has anyone developed a working "Exit Course" button for a web-based link that they can share that works?

Thanks in advance for any help!!


1. Go to the Home tab, and click the Player button.
2. Click the Other button on the toolbar.
3. Mark the Launch player in new window (creates launch page) check box.
4. Click the OK button to save your change, and republish your story.

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