Exit trigger doesn't really exit

We haev some material that we would like learners to read.  I an trying to set it up so that when they first enter they choose their prefered language so they click on their language and this takes them to the document in their language choice.......no problem.....the next slide has a disclaimer that they have read and understood the material....they must click on "Accept" which I have added an exit course trigger to........so they click on accept and this does not exot the course and close the window, I get a pop up saying resume or start over.........how do I make it so when a learner clicks on Accept, it exits them from the course rather than prompting them to either start over or resume where they left off?


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Parashuram Vhaval

Hello Graham,

Exit Course trigger works on LMS please test your course on SCROM cloud or TempShare.

If you are using web package and not LMS. Then you will need to add execute java script trigger.

within javascript window, add script:


and then test your file.