Experiencing a memory leak with Storyline 360

Mar 01, 2017

Hi, Gurus,  I am experiencing regular problems with Storyline 360 freezing on me.  It seems to happen when I am inserting templates from the content library, but I am not totally sure.   The Memory (Private Working Set), viewable in the Windows Task Manager, suddenly jumps up to a very large number and continues to build, even when the project has frozen and I am unable to work on it.  For example I have had the memory build to  2,376,000K.  Storyline then closes and I usually lose my last changes.  I worked on a project last week and had the issue and I am working on another project this week and have just experienced the issue again.

I am using Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1.  8GB Ram, 64 bit Operating System. Processor CPU @3.30GHz.

Anyone else having this issue, or is it just my computer?  Any advice?

I have added a word document showing the screen prints of the task manager memory building, whilst the project is frozen.


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Alyssa Gomez

Yikes! Sorry to hear Storyline keeps freezing on you, Frances. I know that's got to be frustrating. 

Since you mentioned you're working on a Windows 7 machine, try switching to an Aero theme in Windows. If that doesn't seem to help, the fastest way to get this resolved is to open a case with our Support Engineers. You can reach them anytime, day or night, right here. They'll work with you one-to-one to troubleshoot based on your specific set up. 

Keep me posted on how it goes!

Matt Ockenfels

Hi All,

I have been working on a large project with lots of screen recordings and have also had the memory freeze issue. I did some research and found the following:

Storyline is a 32-bit application. According to Microsoft, the default memory limit for 32-bit is 2GB. It does not matter how much physical memory you have installed, the limit is the same if your machine has 4GB or 16GB of memory, or is running 32-bit or 64-bit Windows.

Storyline seems to want to use more memory the longer we work, so my workflow now includes keeping an eye on the memory it uses. Task Manager is a great tool for this.

For example, when first loading a project into Storyline, the memory usage might look something like this:

When Storyline freezes, the memory will look something like this:


(By the way this system has 16GB of memory installed.)

 So along with saving early and saving often, I keep an eye on memory usage and when it goes above 1.5GB or so I save, close Storyline, then reopen it.

A caveat here. On a 4 GB machine you may actually run out of memory before Storyline reaches 2GB, because other processes are also competing for their share. In this case closing other applications and switching to the Aero theme (as Alyssa suggests above) might free up what you need. But in any case 2GB is the default limit.

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