Export to Powerpoint from Storyline

Nov 30, 2012

Hi guys,

I have a Storyline project that I would like to be able to edit in Powerpoint - is there a way that is possible?  I know going Powerpoint to Storyline is fine, but what about the other way?

I have tried copying and pasting slides, tried copying all elements on a slide and pasting... but no luck!

Really need help PLEASE!

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Fernando Quintero

I actually asked for a similar feature a few months ago. In the way to figure out what to do, I came across many similar requests. I saw every time through all many different threads the same answer: "While there isn't a built-in option to export Storyline content into Powerpoint at this time, I've shared your insights with our team, as we're always looking for ways we can make Storyline even better"

Has there been any update on this?

Has there been any effort to make this happen?

Thank you for the feedback. I hope this becomes a possibility in the near future.

Ross Dewstow

Came across this and thought I would add my 10 cents worth.

I get my SMEs to use Powerpoint as a way to get their content and ideas to me.

They can use Powerpoint but do not have access to Storyline and they would not know how to use it anyway. 

In Powerpoint they can create the slides for each screen with the images, design, screen content and suggest using Notes, what they would like to happen.

I import the PPT into Storyline and sprinkle the Magic Articulate Dust onto the project.

Most of the people I work with, do not know what can be done with Storyline do it is up to me, as the Instructional (Educational) Designer to  help put their content together in a logical sequence with as much interactivity as possible so their audience learns from the experience.

I am not a designer so Storyline helps me with that aspect and I can concentrate on making a great Educational Learning experience for the audience.

Export it to Powerpoint, no way as I see that as going backwards.

Wendy Farmer

No sorry not sure why that's happening, I just picked one slide at random to download - it did take a minute or so.  Logging a support ticket is the best course of action in case they have a bug logged or some additional information for you.

Would be great if you could post their response here to help other users.

All the best

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Christiane,

There are a lot of comments on this post going back many years, so I can see how that's difficult to comb through with so many questions and suggestions floating around various topics.

To get back to the original question, there is not an option built into Storyline to export to Powerpoint. 

I am curious about what you're working on and what the need for Powerpoint is if you are utilizing Storyline. Perhaps we can help you with that :)

Ross Dewstow

I am curious that people want to go backwards to Powerpoint. People have asked me to create a movie file of a Storyline Interactive so they can just play it.  What is the point?
Similar to Powerpoint, we have all these great features in Storyline that can't be replicated in Powerpoint.  Surely learning is more than "going through content" of a presentation.

Storyline allows us to move on and create interesting and engaging content material that our learners will want to go back to because it is engaging material that makes them think and helps them to perform their jobs better.

Think of Storyline as Powerpoint on Steriods and move on into this century.

Beth Tarbell

I totally agree with you! However... usually, licenses are limited, and the
folks who don't have Storyline in the company have PowerPoint and so if we
want to incorporate their edits, it would be nice to be able to do that.
But, yes, I see your point - PowerPoint simply does not have the features
and so it would be incompatible (interactive pieces, etc.).

Instead, is there some type of Editor tool that non-users could use?
Something like what MadCap Flare has? Thanks!

Ross Dewstow

What I do here is get them to create the template in PowerPoint and I import it into Storyline.
Because of limited licenses and skills of our SMEs, they don't do any authoring at all. When they review the work I have done in Storyline, I export a Word file and they indicate what they want changed in the file and sent it back.

We find this a great way to move the project forward.  We do have a few staff who loan a laptop to do some edits but they don't have the skills or the time to get into the complexities of Storyline authoring.

We need to find a way to make the process easy for staff who know the subject material but do not have the computer skills of an Instructional Designer.

Steve Max

I'm afraid I can't help with other programs. I only know Storyline
and PowerPoint. It is amazing how interactive PowerPoint can be.
This link shows how to make a quiz in Power Point. It also
advertises a quiz making plugin for PowerPoint. I haven't used it.

Are you related to Ida Tarbell the famous progressive era journalist?


Christiane Knutzen

Hi Leslie,

and thanks for the answer. The company I am working for do a lot of eLearning units that need to be edited after being published over and over again (new numbers, new labels etc.). Also we create every course at least for 4 diffrent audiences (also one in another language) so that some courses must be changed, some not, and u can't just update all courses the same way at once.

We are working with articulate for many years now and the team is used to have a powerpoint file of the course in which we highlight 'things that must be changed' (from every course).
Now that we upgraded on Articulate 360 we slowly try to get the teams used to Review. But most teams that are involved in one courses want a powerpoint file -.-

I was curious about that possibilty cause it would reduce my workload a lot if I could just create a ppt from a course instead of updating all courses and theire associated ppt files all the time.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sheila,

I can definitely understand that setup, and we've gotten a lot of great feedback from folks who needed similar and are now using Review. They stakeholders and subject matter experts can comment on the course in Review, and then the author can reference that as they go back and make changes.

Another option is looking at using the Publish to Word option, that would allow your team to view a copy of it and make annotations on what to change. If they're also just looking at replacing the text inside your course, could they use the Translation export to edit and provide updates in that document? You can then import it back in, and those changes will carry over to your Storyline file. 

Sheila Mansolillo

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your quick response. Can you please clarify for me - are we able to use Review with Storyline 360? I thought I was only able to do this with Rise. My teammate and I did use the Word export option, and it served its purpose for now. Thank you for your help!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sheila,

With Articulate 360, you have access to all the authoring tools (Storyline, Rise, Studio), and you can publish for Review from each of our authoring tools. You'll look for the top option in Storyline to publish to Articulate 360. 

You also have access to two screen recording tools (Replay and Peek) and our Live webinars for Articulate 360 training, and the ever-expanding content library of assets.  

Let me know if you need anything else!