Export to Video from Storyline???

Jan 29, 2013

Hello All,

I am using Premiere Pro and After Effects.  I want to be able to export an animation that I create in Storyline into a Premiere Pro video so that it plays just like any other video clip that I would import.  Is this possible?  If so, how do I properly export from Storyline or Presenter so that it functions like a movie clip?

Thank you for any help or advice you can give!

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Andy Lundquist

Unfortunately, I haven't worked with Storyline much, so hopefully someone else in the community with more knowledge can weigh in. Here are some thoughts based on my experience with Presenter, which may or may not differ significantly from Storyline.

Presenter creates a collection of html and Flash files that are assembled by a web browser into an interactive presentation. Converting what is basically a web application into a video is an unusual and difficult workflow. After Effects is much better suited to creating animations, but if you wanted to use Articulate you would probably need to create your presentation, then use some sort of screen capture software to record it as it plays. Adobe Captivate is a good tool for screen captures. Storyline also makes screen recordings that you can export as video clips, but I don't see a way to export Storyline presentations as video clips directly. Note that there are quality and frame rate challenges with incorporating screen captures into a video. That's why an animation program like After Effects (or the animation tools in Premiere) are probably better suited for creating video animations.

Again, my Storyline experience is limited so maybe someone will chime in with another solution.

john faulkes

Storyline is a very useful tool indeed for making simple showcase-like presentations (i.e. that can advertise one's eLearning projects). The simple workflow there is in putting together a straightforward kiosk-like animation and a recorded narrative is a delight.

I have used several screen recorders to capture what is playing on screen and by and large they have worked perfectly. Or least perfectly well for content to be shown on the web. However, video only: I have yet to find anything that adequately captures recorded sound also. Things like Screenr work fine if one is narrating a live vocal at the same time the screen is being captured. But every product I have tried that can capture both video and audio, that the player is playing, has produced audio that is echoing, or phased, or worse.

Of course one can dump the recorded sound to MP3 and then assemble it all again with something like Adobe Preview, but that doubes the effort. I'd be interested in any success stories - I'd love to be proved wrong.

Susan  Dumas


Can you tell me if it is possible to export a Storyline file that contains both slides and screen capture to Mp4?

Alternatively is it possible to export a 'step by step' screen capture file that has been edited to include hints etc to Mp4.

I have managed to export a basic screen capture file to Mp4 (following the steps on the e-learning heroes site) but would like to expand on that now and export a file that I have done additional work to.

Thanks to anyone who can advise!



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Susan and welcome to Heroes!

You may want to look at recording a published Storyline course with a tool like Replay which is free with an existing Storyline license to capture all those elements and the hints you've added.

Also, you won't be able to export a step by step screen recording as they have been turned into slides. You could still export the original screen recording as an MP4 though. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chuan,

The step by step view mode is made into individual slides and images, so there is no way to export it to an MP4. You could export the original screen recording video, but it wouldn't include your captures or information added to the step by step elements. You may want to look at using another instance of Storyline to record the step by step being played, or even Replay which is free with a Storyline license. 

Jennifer Boettcher

Peter Anderson said:

Hey Mandi, welcome to Heroes!

You could use either Storyline's built-in screen recording tool, or something like Screenr to record your course, then simply save it as an MP4 and export to it wherever you'd like... 

I have tried this, but the screen quality really suffers. Basically, I made a brief "video" using Storyline, because I found this to be the best and easiest tool to work with to create a little slideshow with some information for my course. However, instead of having the participants watch 11 different pages, I wanted to embed it as a video in my course that can be lightboxed to play at any time during the course. I recorded the output using the Storyline screen capture, and them embedded the screen capture as a slide in my course that could be accessed from the player. But the "video" of the screen capture is grainy and not up to our standards. I am adding my two cents for an export to video option. I completely understand some of the arguments I've seen in other threads that Storyline courses are meant to be interactive, etc. But in some cases, a project can be stand-alone and function like a video.

Alex Haddox

Export directly to video really needs to be added as a native feature. Video is becoming more and more an expected modality on Facebook, YouTube and vid/podcasts. Furthermore, your competitors offer this feature. I recently switched from Captivate (which has had this feature for years) and was really disappointed to discover there was no native video export in Storyline 2.

This thread was started 2 years ago and the feature still has not been added. Screen-capturing the playback is a hack at best. Students and clients expect high-definition video.

I have submitted my feature request via the form.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alex,

Thanks for submitting your feature request and also sharing your thoughts here. I know that the ability to export to video has been something mentioned often in the forums - but my take on it has been that there are a few different ways in which you could have video only content by using another instance of Storyline or a tool such as Replay to conduct a recording of it. Also since Storyline is designed to be interactive I suspect that's why the export to video feature hasn't been a high priority? Continue to keep the ideas coming though - as they do go right to our product development team for review and to determine inclusion in a future version. 

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