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Feb 11, 2013

I have recently been having a great deal of trouble with editing long screen recordings in Storyline. It is great for a 15 second clip but adding narration and captions later can be a real hassle when a screen recording gets longer.  Also Friday at work my articulate storyline crashed like 6 times while trying to edit screen recordings, so I am just sick of dealing with it.

My first attempt at a solution to making editing easier was to export the screen recordings from storyline and edit them in a professional editing software, where I could easily edit, and add narration then I would just import the file back into storyline. Well the problem there is that when I export a screen recording from Storyline the top and bottom of the frame has a faded black shadow watermarked across it and is unusable. 

My next idea was to use a different program altogether for screen recording and import that into a professional editing software where I could add narration and edits, and then finally adding the finished file into storyline. 

After reading this if you have any suggestions for me to fix my problem with the black faded borders or have a good suggestion for a different screen recorder I can use I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

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casey hillstrom


The solution I was forced to do was to get a separate program for the screen recording and editing. I have started using BBflashback Pro for screen recording and editing and then integrating it into Articulate.  Since I started doing this my work with screen recording has been atleast 100% faster. Articulate is good for many things such as interactions and quizzing but I found that a separate screen recorder is a must. Just make sure you export as mpeg. Also I think BBflashback had a free version. Maybe this will help you too. 

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