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Oct 31, 2012

I have about 30 courses and need to get the questions out of them and into one document for review and updating. The questions are all in question banks (one question bank for each course).

How can I export the questions from the banks into one doc? I don't mind exporting them into separate docs then combining them all into one doc later but copying and pasting one question at a time is a little cumbersome.



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Michael Jernigan

Yes, I tried that. I published a couple of the courses to Word but it took so long to remove the non-question content and reformat the questions so they would be useful, it's not very efficient to do that with all of the courses I have be able to pull the questions out of. It would take about the same amount of time if I copied and pasted the questions/answers into a separate Word doc.

It's a little hard for me to believe that a tool like Storyline would not have some way to export questions from a question bank so they can be more easily maintained across courses and also be used for a final exam that contains questons from all the courses...


Michael Jernigan

That might work. I'll try that when I have some time. For all the courses I have to deal with, it will take some time to do that but it would still be better than copying and pasting from each course... Thanks.

It would be nice if exporting questions to a spreadsheet or doc would be included in future enhancements...


Michael Jernigan

I finally figured out a way to move questions from question banks in multiple stories into one story file. I created a new project and created one scene with a question back, then created another empty scene with just one blank slide.

I then copied the the questions from each story into the empty scene, then imported then into the question bank one set of questions (questions from one story) at a time. I also copied in the empty slide to act as a separator between the sets of questions from the different trainings.

It took a while but copying the questions into the final exam story, importing them into the question bank for the final, and deleting them from the "empty" scene appears to have worked fine...

Melanie Brooks

Here is a quick and dirty solution that may work for you: When have reviewers who only want to see questions, I do the following. Might work for you in quickly collating questions from 30 trainings, though it would be a great feature if one could just export and import questions an an Excel file. 

  1. Export as Word document
  2. View in outline view, looking only at level 1 and 2
  3. If preceded by Q: or a number, the questions are easy to see in this view, and you can quickly erase all entries that are not questions

Hope that is somewhat helpful!

RD Jones

Having the functionality to export Storyline 360 questions into either csv or excel format would greatly improve our current business practices and training initiatives.

Currently, our organization uses SharePoint 365 to manage and classify varying details regarding our questions and surveys, using managed metadata.

Our goal is to have several question pools in SharePoint that we can easily generate into an excel format based on metadata requests and requirements, to upload into Storyline 360. 

Not having a function in Storyline to export to csv/excel, proves to be very tedious, cumbersome, and costly; as we can only export to word for review.


Lauren Connelly

Hello Lemarchand Nicolas!

This feature isn't on our current roadmap as we are prioritizing other features. Since this is a beneficial feature for you and is still being considered, I'd recommend sharing your support in a feature request so we can update you directly if this feature makes it on our roadmap.

Shelley Skrabek

This is a necessity!  Can we please get this feature added?  We can export everything else why not the question banks without having to create a whole new course to download them to a word document.


Articulate it looks like people have been asking for this for over 10 years... PLEASE can we get this.

Gerald Crumbley

If you can IMPORT a Q-bank from an .xlsx file, you should be able to EXPORT a Q-bank to an .xlsx file.

As a Law Enforcement agency we must keep our Q-banks in a separate secure location. If an .xlsx file gets corrupt or damaged, we must have a way to re-create that file. Being able to export the Q-bank from a live .story file is extremely necessary for us to be efficient.

We are currently having to copy/paste every question. very time consuming and unnecessary.

Christine Schierwagen

Since Question Bank functionality was recently added to Rise 360, I have now started using it.  I am really surprised that this Question Bank excel export functionality is not available - especially given that excel import functionality IS available.  I hope that the increased number of Question Bank users, coming from Rise, will help escalate this functionality on the priority list.  Working without it wastes so much time for learning content managers.