Exporting Storyline 360 to PowerPoint - Confirmation of Yes or No please

Oct 13, 2017


I was told that only importing from PowerPoint to 360 can be done, and not exporting.

I was then told today that I can indeed export a Storyline 360 unit to PowerPoint using Studio 360? Is this true? And if so, how? 

Is there a way to export a Storyline 360 to another tool (Articulate Presenter), that can be exported to PowerPoint from there?

I just need to confirm. This person doesn' t really know Storyline 360, so I need to be able to tell him I tried everything. :) 

Thank you! 

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Monica  Hankins

@Karin Martinsen? Who is the competitor? If this doesn't happen soon our company may start to migrate? There is a big push to move to Articulate at a Global level, but I might weigh in on this problem and push in a different direction.

The staff here offer all of these annoying workarounds that aren't actually a valid option - and seem a little smug about the fact that they won't consider this feature.