Extracting answers to a quiz from a published file in storyline

Hi There,

Is there any way to extract answers from a published zip file in Storyline. The .story file is not provided due to which i am unable to view the answers to the quiz?

If there is no possible way, then i guess i have to manually take the quiz and note down the correct answers



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Kiran Molleti

Hi Ali,

Apologies for not being clear.

I have a published package(zip file) but not the .story file. Is there any way of checking for the quiz answers or is there any file inside the zip folder which would capture that data.

More or less on similar lines - "Wanting the ability to see what all the correct answers should be in the quiz itself?"



Ali Goulet

Hey Kiran,

Thanks for the clarification on that! I haven't heard of a way to extract the correct answers from the published output before, so I'll have to defer to the community on that. 

If you're hosting in a learning management system (LMS), that data will be tracked when a learner takes the quiz. It'll send the student response along with the correct response.

 This article is a great reference for what data is sent to an LMS.

Hope that helps! 😊