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Jul 11, 2016

Hi all

Can anyone advise on how the reporting settings work for Storyline when it's set to report on passed/incomplete? Where does the info for the completed element of this report come from?

I have seen this very helpful article, but it doesn't address my situation as there is no minimum score in my course.


I have a course that won't report as complete in scormcloud. It has a quiz and is set to report on failed/incomplete in Storyline (I need to track both completion and pass rates.)

However, when I test the course in scormcloud and pass the quiz, it reports as passed incomplete.

All help much appreciated.

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Christine Hounsham

Hi Katherine

Thank you for sharing the attached article - sure is a very helpful reference.  My reading from re though is that for reporting on a 'Passed/Incomplete' basis would be that you need a minimum passing score for your quiz to trigger the complete status.  

ie "Passed/Incomplete: We use this for scored content where we want the user to be left in progress if they do not achieve the minimum passing score. If the user achieves the minimum passing score they are marked as completed/passed with score, if not they remain in progress and no score is passed to SumTotal, allowing them to try again."

On you quiz results slide - could you set the 'Passing Score' to 1%.  This should trigger the completion (assuming people get at least one correct answer) and you could also then track users actually quiz results (ie Variable: %roundedscore%%)

My only note to this would be to ensure that you don't display the passing score (ie %results1.PassPercent%%) on your results page so that the 1% doesn't show.  

Regards Christine

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