Feedback layers with link to additional layer

May 10, 2019

I have a quiz where my feedback layers need to link to a custom layer where users can review procedures for a particular subject.

I placed a button on each feedback layer that links to a custom layer, then placed a 'close' button on the custom layer. I want to then return to the feedback layer I just came from.

The problem is that when I click on 'close' from the custom layer I see the original base slide, not the feedback layer I navigated from.

Short of making 3 versions of the custom layer linking each of the feedback screens, is there a way to trigger the 'close' button to return to the layer it came from?

As this is going out for translation, I would like to avoid duplication of the custom layer.

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Charles Radanovich

Thanks Walt, I thought I tried that. There have been so many combinations I think I just got lost.

Maybe you can answer another 2 questions for me.

I have a true/false question that is out of sequence from the rest of my quiz slides and although I can answer correctly and get the right feedback, the Results slide refuses to recognize the answer and keeps giving me an incorrect message, thereby not giving the proper score. I know this is a much discussed issue and I have the T/F slide to resume saved state, so I can't figure this out.

Another question I have is on a multiple choice question -- you helped me with that slide a week or so ago. The choices include an All of the Above button which makes all the choices show as 'selected' but if I change my mind and deselect it before submitting, on Try Again I can't get it to function. The choices above show as all selected but not the All of the Above button, so it yields an incorrect response. Any pointers? I think they should just get rid of the All of the Above choice entirely.

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