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I'm trying to create a default slide for my "try again" layer. I have watched a bunch of tutorials and read many of the discussions but cannot find guidance exactly on what I am trying to do. I see that I can use the feedback master to create a template of the try again layer slides but I do not see a way to design the entire slide using the same format and content. The work around I have used so far is to create the layer within one of the slides and then copy and paste that layer on each slide, and then update all of the triggers to link to the new Try Again layer instead of the default Try Again layer. However we have 85 files and some are over 200 slides long, so this is a very tedious work around. 

Is there anyway to just make the default Try Again layer match my design and content exactly for each and every slide? Attaching a short version of the file here. The Try Again layer slide I want to make the default can be found on slide 1.3. (The feedback master is a bit messy because I was playing around with it to learn and then used the work around instead, so never cleaned it up again.)

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Rachel,

With Masters, any placeholder can be edited after the layout is applied. But other objects (text boxes, shapes, etc.) cannot be edited.

So to get what you want, do this in the Try Again layout of the Feedback Master: 

  • Adjust the design as desired.
  • Move the "Feedback Title" and "Feedback Text" placeholders off the slide.
    • By default, Storyline would add them back when inserting a new Try Again layer. So moving them off the slide keeps the content, but makes it invisible to the user. Which means you don't have to delete it on every slide where it's used.
  • Add text boxes with the content that you want. 

I did a quick mock-up in the attached file. 

Note that you might have to re-apply the layout to existing slides. But that's still easier than redesigning every one. 

BTW, here's my post about customizing Feedback Masters: 

Good luck!