Feedback Master problems

Hi all,


As you can see (and I attached the .story file), I am trying to use feedback master and for some reason my feedback masters aren't applied (as default) whenever I create a quizzing slide.

In the .story file you can see the following:


- 3 slides how it is supposed to look after answering a question

- 1 slide how it actually looks

- feedback master ready to go


What am I missing?


Thanks a lot in advance!

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Ron Price

I took a look at your story.  I am not sure if I fully understand your issue. But since you created Multiple Masters, instead of multiple layouts of the same Master, your best option is to right click the feedback Layer and apply your layouts that way. 

If you added the layouts to the one Master and removed the others it is a little easier for that to appear by default

M Tummers

But where does the current default master come from? I don't see the layout of those feedback layers anywhere :P 

What I want to achieve is to create a template :) And when I add a quiz I want the master feedbackslide (as I made it - red/green/blue -) to appear as opposed to something totally random that I can't find back :P 

Wendy Farmer

The default feedback masters are accessed through the View tab > Feedback master option.  Here you can modify the existing layouts or create your own new ones.

To apply a feedback layout you must have a layer selected and then select the Home tab > Layout option which will display all the possible feedback layouts.

Ivana Vayleux

Hello I have also some problems with feedback layers and feedback master. I don't know why the automatic generated layout for correct answer adds a "button" button, instead of only continue button.

I don't find the way to pick the same layout as in my previous slides. I think it comes from a bad manipulation on master feedback slides, as I have I deleted correct layout slide from the first master layout automaticaly generated by Storyline. 

I don't know if I'm clear. I'll attach the 2 slides storyline file. 1st slide works fine but 2nd is a problem.

Any toughts how I can solve this problem ? 

Thanks a lot in advance!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Ivana,

Sorry to hear you're having this trouble. Thank you for sharing your file, and I can see the blue "Continue" button that was automatically created on your feedback layer. We've identified an issue where the default "Continue" button in the Feedback Master is being recreated automatically even if you deleted it in the layout or use a custom one. We've reported this case over to our Quality Assurance Team for their review. Although I cannot offer a timeframe for when or if  this issue will be resolved, I'll certainly keep you posted. You'll receive a notification of any updates since you are now subscribed to this post. :)