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Aug 10, 2017


I have a training with an included test.

After finishing the module I want to get a feedback from the user. The best way it is, when I am asking directly at the last slide of the module. So I do not want to use any forms from the LMS.

I have already succeeded to create an text input field, whose input will be transferred into an e-mail. But I also want to ask if the user liked the training, with a scale from 1-4. The best thing would be, if there would be a automatic evaluation of the results. I have thought about to use Google form as an iFrame, but unfortunately these forms are not free for business cases.

So, do you have any ideas, how I can create a nice feedback slide and to evaluate the results in a comfortable way.

Thank you very much!

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Glenn Jones

Hi Christa

I've used Google Forms plenty of times to do surveys in work (and didn't have to pay for it?).

Alternatively you could look at Surveymonkey.

You could also recreate the survey questions you want to use as a Question Bank and display them as a "quiz" at the end of the course.  You'd be able to get their responses from the course transcript held within your LMS.

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