Feedback Template - Visibility of "Correct"/"Incorrect" and default text


we are currently evaluating Articulate Storyline for use in our web-based trainings. I have issues/questions regarding the creation of feedback to quizzes:

  • I cannot find any placeholder for the text "Correct", "Incorrect" which is shown by default on the feedback slides. Is there any way to make them invisible by default? (Or at all, to change their style and position to make them fit into our design?)
  • As we want create multilingual (German, English) trainings, I changed the language from Articulate Storyline to English, but the default feedback text for a correct/incorrect answer is still in German. How does Articulate Storyline decide which language to use? Is the language of the initial project creation relevant?

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Patrick,

Changing the UI language won't change the language of the text on the slides or in the player. You'll want to look at changing the text labels as Wendy mentioned and then customizing the individual language on the slides manually. You could also look at using the translation functionality as described here.