File will not open - freezes program when selected Storyline 360

Mar 25, 2020

I have a fairly large storyline project that is not opening anymore.  The main difference is that I am working from home and not in my office, though I am using the same laptop.  

I am able to open other Articulate storyline 360 projects, just not this particular one.  I was also unable to add it as an attachment here.

When I select that project file to open, Articulate completely freezes up and I have been forced to restart my laptop just to get the program to stop.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Andrew!

Thank you for sharing these details with us! I'm sorry for the trouble.

I've reached out to our Support Engineers and started a case on your behalf. This is a tad outside of my realm so they'll be able to offer more tailored support to why this specific file freezes Storyline 360. I've sent you an email sharing where we'll go from here, so please let me know if you haven't received that.

You'll hear from one of our Support Engineers shortly!

Andrew Hoskins

Update: the file finally opened after trying multiple times over the span of an hour - this included having to restart my laptop twice because the program completely froze.  I can only guess it had something to do with the size of the file.  I will post to this thread again if the issue persists.  At the moment, the file is open and I plan to keep it open until i have no choice but to close it or I finish the project.

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