Storyline 2 New Project Bug

Aug 04, 2016


I have just updated to the newest version of Storyline 2 and am having problems opening a new project.  When attempting to do so the program freezes and will not load.  This is the case for my laptop and desktop, both are running Windows 10.

The previous version ran just fine.

Any suggestions?




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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Wes.  I'm sorry that's happening to you!  Here are some troubleshooting steps we can try:

1.  When installing Storyline 2, make sure to do so as Administrator.
2.  If reinstalling as administrator doesn't help, try following these steps to clear up erratic behavior; this will clean out your registry of any Storyline 2 components and truly start fresh.  Run the new install as administrator.

I actually had an issue where opening a new project in Windows 10 caused Storyline to freeze, and I had to use Task Manager to end it.  Step 2 fixed that problem for me.

If these measures don't work, please don't hesitate to hook up with our support team to get some more in depth help.  If you want to let us know how it's resolved, in that case, that'd be helpful for folks who come across this thread.  Thanks!

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