Fill-In-Blank not visible

Jul 09, 2019

Hi Heroes!

I was curious if anyone would be able to tell me why when I added a new box for "Patient Address" the fill in text box will not appear no matter what triggers I change.

I bet it is something silly I am missing, but I have been banging my head for hours over this piece to no avail. Attached is the file with the added "PatientAddress" layer added to the piece, but it just will not display. Can someone tell me why that is and how to fix it?

Thank you so so much!!

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David Schwartz

Hi Aris,

I didn't dig into all the logic, but I saw that you do not have a trigger that is opening the PatientAddy_fill layer. The NPI-fill layer has a trigger that opens itself, and when I changed that to open the address layer, it appeared, and worked, but it seems like the variable in use on that layer is also used in the Patient name layer.

Hope that helps.


Hazel Bartolome

Hi Aris,

Just some add-on information to what David had said - I saw that you did have a trigger for the PatientAddy_fill layer but you forgot to add the object to appear. Please see the screenshot below. 

I added it by selecting it from the dropdown as shown below:

And it's showing now! See attached file below.

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