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May 22, 2020

Okay folks please help. Newer user but having no luck finding answer in help/forums so far.

Why do text boxes do what they do? I want to draw the box and have the text fill in the box that I drew. Simple. BUT pink guides all over the place, text fills in a smaller area than I originally drew. Why?????

I have tried playing around with the text wrap and "do not autofit" options to no avail.

Can someone help me to understand what Storyline's brain is doing here, and how I can get it to just do the simple thing I want? Fill in the text box I drew in the shape/position I drew it?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Laura!

I'm happy to help! It sounds like using a Shape would be a better fit in your project rather than text boxes. 

Here's how to add a shape:

  1. Go to the Insert tab on the ribbon, click Shape, and choose a shape.
  2. Click and drag on your slide canvas to draw the shape to your slide.
  3. If you want to add text to the shape, select the shape on the slide and begin typing. You don't need to add a separate text box.

The default fill, line, and text colors are controlled by your theme colors. To format a shape with different colors and effects, use the tools on the Format tab on the ribbon, or right-click the shape and choose Format Shape or Size and Position.

Tip: If you format a shape and want that same formatting to be used on new shapes in the same project, right-click the shape and choose Set as Default Shape.

I've also created a short screen recording on how to use shapes in place of text boxes. Here's the link.

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