Text entry misalignment

Aug 18, 2023

Hi, I'm having an issue where my text entry boxes are moving/misaligning.

We want a fill in the blank activity where the user is given the first letter of a word and they have to fill in the rest. I have this built but when it comes to testing and reviewing the text entry boxes seem to move and misalign with the first letter.

See attachment for explanation and examples. All the text/text entry boxes are the same font and settings, sometimes I even loose the decenders (tails) from letters like "y & g" etc but not all of them.

I've even prefilled the answer in the text entry field, visually lined it up in SL and when gone to preview or review it moves and misaligns!!

BTW I have tried just putting the first letter pre-filled in the text entry box, rather than a separate text box, and while this does keep things aligned, it doesn't stay when the user goes to fill it in so isn't ideal.

Please help!


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Jürgen Schoenemeyer

that's unfortunately normal

  • static text used svg text (positioned every single char exact to x, y value)
  • dynamic text (user input text) uses normal html text (positioned by the browser*)

and both locks different in the browser - especially when the page is scaled

* with significant differences between the three big browser (Chromium, Firefox, Safari)