Fill in the Blank-Multiple Blanks

Hi! I am trying to put my second fill in the blank exercise together for a French project for one of my teachers. I have multiple fill in the blanks on each page and will attach what I have developed so far. When I click the "submit" button after filling in the blank, I do not get anything. What have I missed? I am very new at this, so I appreciate any help. I have used the "How to evaluate multiple fill-in-the-blanks on the same slide" video discussion topics to assist. Thank you for any help.


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Amber -- Thanks for reaching out, and may I ask if you happened to come across this conversation during your travels here in the community, by chance: Multiple fill in the blank questions on one slide? That discussion might offer some ideas you'd like to try or perhaps others in the community can chime in to assist. :)