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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Colleen and welcome to Heroes! 

Within Storyline there are many quiz options, one of which is a "fill in the blank" style question where you can include up to 10 possible answers. To insert this type of question, you'll go to insert slide and then choose the quizzing tab. You'll see the options in a window like below and then select "Fill in the Blank"

Lauren Connelly

Hi Jon!

Thank you for sharing your project! I noticed a small snag in your file. The triggers to Set Text Entry when Object Loses focus are referencing the wrong text entry fields.

They should be referencing Text Entry and Text Entry 1. I've explained this change in this short Peek and attached the updated project to this discussion. 

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Jon,

Thank you for sharing your project, and what a fantastic way to teach fractions!

I took a look at your .story file and noticed the issues you mentioned with your Pick One quiz. I am sorry this is happening!

I've opened up a case with our support team on your behalf, and you should hear from them soon!