Flash = Fast but HTML5 = Slow?

Jun 09, 2016

I have a complicated Storyline module (complicated to me anyway). One slide has over 500 triggers, and the project has a lot of JavaScript dependencies.

When Flash is turned on everything works as expected. But if I disable Flash and run the HTML5 version, the module crawls, and sometimes halts completely. I've tried publishing this for web and tested on a web server, and for the LMS with testing in Blackboard, and I've also tested it on SCORM Cloud.  No matter what I do the HTML5 version has miserable performance.

Anyone have any ideas on how I can troubleshoot this? I'm at a loss.

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Crystal Horn

Hi Elizabeth.  The HTML5 output doesn't preload exactly the same way as the Flash output.  So if your content has videos, those are loading per slide, though they are progressively streaming.

What other elements do you have on your slide?  Is it a screen recording that you've inserted in Test mode?  I'm happy to test out your .story file if you'd like to share it here, too.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Elizabeth,

It could be your LMS, but let's first double check that you and I are using the same version of Storyline. Can you tell me what update you're on? Here's how to check:

Click the Help tab, then click About Storyline. You should see version number in the bottom-right corner. What is the number shown there? Thanks!

Alyssa Gomez

No worries, Elizabeth! It looks like you're on the latest update of Storyline 360. Since the course performed better on SCORM Cloud and in another LMS environment, I would say that the lag is related to your LMS. 

Have you had a chance to reach out to your LMS support team? I'm curious, what LMS do you use? Perhaps other folks in the community who use the same one can chime in with their suggestions. 

Judith Sanders

Is there any news on this subject Leslie?

I have courses made in 360 and when I publish to HTML5 the hospitals working with these modules experience unexeptable pace with the HTML5 output via their virtual machines, while with flash the output pace is just fine. We can not move beyond the virtual machine concept as this is a setting needed for flexible workplace configuration.

Very inconvenient and I was wondering if there are going to be any changes made to the HTML5 SCORM output that will speed things up in the (near) future? 

Or any experiences you or the tech dept could share in order to speed it up in the hospital / at the virtual machine side?


Thank you in advance for your reply. 



Crystal Horn

Hi Judith!  Happy to work with you on this issue.  I have a couple of questions to see if we can figure out what's happening:

  • What version of SCORM are you using to publish your courses?
  • Where are you hosting your published output?
  • Are the learners all using the same browser to view content?
  • Can you share an example course where you're noticing the slow-down in HTML5 output?  If you can attach the .story file, I'd like to load it into a testing environment on my end, and we can compare the Flash and HTML5 outputs.


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