FLV not playing in iPad

I created a Storyline project by importing slides from an existing Articulate Presenter course. One of the slides had an FLV file embedded in it. I've published the course to allow for viewing in on iPad. When I view it on the iPad (using the Mobile app), the video does not display. When I view it from the the browser on my laptop, it plays just fine.

Any ideas/suggestions?

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Stefano Posti

Hi Leslie.

In your presenter course, did you embed a flash video file or a flash file (e.g. a player) loading an external .flv ? Or did you emebed it as a web object? I'm afraid the conversion to .MP4 can behave differently, depending on the case..

Or it may depend on the FLV format (I mean flash video version, Codec, etc.) ; How was this .flv file created?

In my experience, all my .flv embedded in the Presenter slide with the "Insert Flash " Option, in storyline were all correctly converted to .mp4 ...that is weird....

Articulate guys could ask you such questions, other than packaging the files for them .

Hope it helps,

Leslie Adams

Hi Stefano,

I inserted a flash video file (not as a web object). I went back and tried deleting the file that got imported and reinserting it from within Storyboard - same problem. I created the .flv using software called AVS Video Editor. Do you think the Codec makes a difference? How do you create your .flv files that don't run into this issue?

Stefano Posti

Hello Leslie,

We generally use Adobe Premiere to create flash video, and we use On2 VP6 Codec... But I'm quite sure that Articulate Video encoder can produce "pure" FLV as well .... You may give it a try: just use AVS Video Editor to export a .mpg or avi file, and then use Articulate video encoder to convert it to flash video, and then try to import it again in your storyline project... and see what happens during publishing...

Hope it helps.