Focus Order regarding Feedback Layers versus Regular Layers

Oct 24, 2023

Hello y'all,

So I'm doing a lot of screen reader testing, and am trying to figure out how I want to approach a quirk I've noticed for a while but only have recently had a chance to analyze.

Can I get a screen reader's focus to jump to a regular layer the way the screen reader's focus jumps to a feedback layer?

360 Review Example of Jumping Focus Order

I'm using NVDA, and when selecting an answer launches a feedback layer, the focus order and properties are disregarded, and the screen reader focus jumps to the feedback layer's content. When selecting a button that launches a regular layer, the focus order and layer properties are regarded.

Now, I love the feedback layer behavior, but I can't seem to replicate it on a non-quiz/survey slide. I've been moving my layer content below the button to make navigation easy, but in my latest course build I have one instance where that doesn't quite work.

Is there an explanation? Can I recreate this behavior without Javascript?



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Phil Mayor

I can see you switched off the prevent user checkbox. By doing that there isa good chance your layers never get read as they are after the summit trigger.

Also for the slides  work properly you need a submit button, the up and down arrow will not work with a trigger on them and will submit the first response, users will expect the up and down arrows to work.

There may be something Articulate is doing in the questions but the best practice would be to set the focus order correctly as if things change the focus order will not.