Font changes in published version of storyline 2 project


I keep having issues with fonts changing in the published version of my file. I have tried with new projects and used different computers but it keeps coming up the with the same thing.

I have noticed that fonts only change when there is a variable in the text box. Is there a system bug?

I have attached a screenshot. You can see the caption text is different to the text in the white box on the right of the character.

This happens throughout the published project when ever I put in a reference to use the first name of the person which is linked to a text variable. In the previews, this looks fine.

I had this same issue in storyline as well.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mike,

Thanks for sharing the screen capture here - do you have a sample .story file you could share as well? I seem to remember a similar issue being reported to our QA team, in regards to how the variable reference adjust all the text in a text box to match. It seems to be connected to how the variable text does not follow the "WYSIWYG" set up and therefore is also adjusting the text within that text box. You could include an overlapping text box to display the variable text but the font for that alone may still be different - and cause some display issues. 

Emily Ruby

Hi Mark,

When you include variable references in text elements, you may find that the font applied to the variable references doesn't display as expected in your published output.

Custom fonts can't be embedded in your output. As a result, variable references will be displayed using the default fonts of the system or device where the content is being viewed. So if the users do not have the font installed, they'll see it display in a system font.

Erin H.

So, I don't know if anyone will see this, but is this the case still when the Font goes back and forth between, say, Open Sans (which I think IS a font used in Word), and Times New Roman? I have SMEs asking me why the font changes randomly back and forth on their machine when the course is uploaded to an LMS. Of course my computer shows the font looking like it should be using Open Sans, but their computer sometimes switches to Times New Roman then back to Open Sans. A small number of pilot group users also said to be experiencing this.

So: What causes font to go back and forth between one to another in a Story?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Erin,

Thanks for your post! What version of Storyline are you using? We have seen some issues with fonts rendering incorrectly in HTML5 with Storyline 360, so we'd definitely want to have a look at your file. You can send it over to our Support Engineers by clicking here, and they'll test it in various formats and browsers. Be sure to let me know if you open a case so I can follow along. :)

Simply eLearning 2


I am having a similar problem to the others here. One client involved in the project is viewing the published course and seeing default fonts, with missing letters too (letter f). Others in a different location see the correct font. Has there been a solution to this problem? The text boxes are plain text only, with no variables.

Thanks for your help.