Font not showing in html5 published version only

Jun 15, 2016

Hi All...I've seen a few posts regarding this issue, but not this specific one. I am using a font purchased by our school for branding web projects. I have changed the font on all of the slides, and the notes for all slides to this specific font. It all appears correctly when I preview the tutorial. However, when I publish it, the html5 version of the published tutorial loses the font ( and all of the formatting ) on the Notes section only. The slides are all still okay. Any ideas why this is happening? I am publishing to my C drive, and I have all of the fonts installed on my local computer.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Deirdre -- Thanks for reaching out here and so sorry for your troubles! If I am understanding your issue correctly, this behavior is something that has previously been reported to our QA team for investigation, and the following was noted: "Storyline 2 uses native HTML controls for the HTML5 player. Since fonts are not published with the player data, it will not be possible to change to the desired font." so unfortunately, I do not have a workaround to share.

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