font size of closed captions (SL360)


is there a way to increase the font size of closed captions? The import went well, the timing is perfect and the position of closed captions box works just fine, but the font size seems pretty small. Changing or creating theme font doesn't effect the closed captions. So... I am stuck (for the moment)

Hermann Plasa

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Simon Taghioff

Hi folks,

Thanks for the open and honest conversation about this feature. We agree that it should be possible to adjust the font size of closed captions independently, for all the reasons you've mentioned above.

This is on our list, alongside a number of other planned accessibility improvements in the near future. I don't have a firm release date as of now, but I'll make sure this thread gets an update once we're ready to share more.

Chris Burns

Thank you Simon, I hope this is done soon. Unfortunately it will be too late for my client's deadline - I only realised the subtitles were so small after I had told the client it was possible to add them. The irony is that I'm creating a module on Accessibility - with captions so tiny that I can't read them.