Fonts missing and swapped in IE 11

Hi, I created a course in Articulate and the systems running Windows 10 and Internet Explorer 11 shows missing letters, jumbled text, and fonts that have been swapped. 

It is not a system administrator issue referring to, because I tried and tested it on an outside computer. 

Does anyone know how to fix this issue? I would really appreciate. 



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Naweed, 

Did you already test out the other solutions here: Learners See the Wrong Fonts or Missing Letters in HTML5 Courses? It's an issue our team has seen in IE11 with HTML5 output, based on these two reasons why (there are solutions for each):

  1. Add a MIME Type to Your Hosting Server
  2. Enable the Font Download Setting in Learners’ Browsers

Does that help?

Naweed Nayib

Hi Ashley, 

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I tested both solutions in multiple systems/computers. The font download setting is enabled and as I said, I even used an out of the office computer with no Windows Group Policy, but still, the fonts look wired especially the character "f" is missing in all slides and Arial font is swapped with something that looks like Times New Roman.

Hope to read more from you.


Naweed Nayib

Hi Ashley, Thanks for your update. I will contact our IT team and will let you know. I would also like to reiterate that we are using Absorb LMS system for pushing our e-learning modules. Therefore, I am experiencing font swaps and missing formats when I upload e-learning modules to Absorb LMS. Hope this article helps. Thanks again.

Fiona Williams

Is there any word on when a fix for this issue is going to happen? Not even Arial seems to be working in IE (see attached)! We've tried everything, but we can't control what browsers clients use.

Pretty sure it's getting worse. Technical support don't seem to be able to shed any light on it...

Fiona Williams

Hi Crystal,

I currently have the font downloads enabled on my computer, and nothing has changed. I've even used the Articulate font and it seems to do the same thing. Letters drop out and the text is generally quite squashed together. This file I was using uses the modern player (HTML5 only).

I've attached 2 screenshots different courses. One uses Calibri and uses the classic player (HTML5/flash). The font keeps, but letters drop out. The second is Avenir font, which converts to TNR in browsers as it is not supported by Articulate. In IE it also just gets squashed together.

To me it looks like IE has stopped converting fonts to web-safe fonts???

It's difficult to tell clients to not use IE or to change their security settings, as their intranets are IE most of the time. Sometimes their isn't an IT department to discuss these issues with. When font have been enabled on IE browsers, the issue does still persist. 

Any help is appreciated!