Fonts not rendering correctly in Preview or Published

May 23, 2023

When I preview an old course, or publish it for instance to Review, I get weird signs. The text in Roboto Slab font is not rendered properly. However I had zero issues with this course or any other courses from this course library before.

I just got a new laptop. I installed the non-standard fonts, such as Roboto Slab. All looks fine in Storyline and I got no error message about any missing font. But as soon as I preview or Publish, it looks a mess. See the attachments.

What could be the issue?

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Steven Benassi

Hi Sara!

It sounds like you are having some issues getting the Roboto Slab text to display properly when previewing and publishing a Storyline 360 course. I'd be happy to help you troubleshoot this!

Testing it out on my end, the Roboto Slab text was displaying correctly after previewing and publishing a course. Everything was working as it should!

I just had some clarifying questions to help me get a better idea of your setup:

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Sara Swier

Hi Steven,

Thank you for reaching out.

1. I did not have the Modern text rendering enabled, although I did try that to see if that would solve the issue. It did solve some of the strange symbols, but a lot of text boxes got scrollbars and text got misplaced. So that didn't really help.

2. Yes I am working locally. 

3. After comparing the font family on my old laptop I noticed that I had some duplicates (Roboto Slab Regular twice). I uninstalled the whole font family and reinstalled it again. That somehow seems to have fixed it! Hooray. The post can be closed.