Forcing Learner to list to entire audio clip

Jul 05, 2013

I have a client that wants to restrict the navigation so the learning can't click to the next slide through listening to an entire audio clip. Is there a way to do this? As of now I haven't been able to figure out how to restrict navigation unless it is an object.

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Cary Glenn

I run into this quite often (I mainly develop safety training). In the story view I uncheck the navigation controls. I then create two buttons with arrows, one for forward another for backwards. I then have a choice I can make the button disabled until the audio is complete or I can have the button appear after the audio is complete.

With some clients you can have a conversation on why they need this and maybe come up with some alternate solutions, such as scenarios. But there are times when this is needed.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Lindsay and Cary,

I'd seen this question earlier today but didn't have time to respond.

Cary, good solution.

I have a different one IF you or your client want to keep the default next button.

  1. Insert a shape offstage.
  2. Position it a at the end of the audio portion on the timeline, or at least be sure it's on the timeline for the whole time the audio is playing.
  3. Create a trigger to change the state of the rectangle to selected when the timeline ends for the rectangle.
    You don't even need to create the selected state manually; it's automatically created when you insert this trigger
  4. Add a condition to the Jump to next slide trigger to jump to the next slide ON CONDITION that the rectangle shape is equal to selected.

If you think your Learners will be confused as to why clicking Next isn't working, you could create a warning prompt or layer for this as well.

If that's unclear, just shout out and I can upload a sample...and/or answer any questions.

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