Forcing the learner to go through all quizzes before he can exit the course


I've placed some quizzes at the end of a course and also a relevant results slide.

The last slide of the course is a summary with the main learning objectives.

I noted that users can navigate to that last slide without going through the quizzes (they just have to click on the table of content) and exit the course without being graded pass/fail. How can I force the users to go through the quizzes before they can exit the course?

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Eric Santos

Hey Simone!

I hope I understand your requirements correctly, but one idea that comes to mind is to prevent the users to navigate to the last slide by tweaking the Menu items of your Player. I assume the Menu is what you mean by Table of Contents.

You can do this by going to the Publish area of the ribbon, and clicking Player. Once the Player Properties open, you can go to Menu properties then delete the Slide/s after the quiz to prevent user navigation to these slides.

Please let me know if this satisfies your requirements.



simondavide tritto

Hi Eric,

many thanks for your reply.
Actually you solved my problem in a kind of indirect way.
Trying to implement your tip, I opened SL360 player menu help and found this one:

where I learned you can restrict the menu navigation.
Thanks again, cheers,