form shift wenn publish


i have a problem.

I have made a training  to describe a new tool in our company. At one slide i want do describe multiple entries. So i made a rectangle form with transparent fill, so you can see only the frame. And i want to boarder the entry (not the titel of the entry).

When i create the slide and set the position everything looks good, but when i publish the slide the form shifts (mostly to the right side), and i dont know why...

Published in review and scorm (to upload it to LMS).

Anybody know why and how i can fix it? 

Kind regards, Tanja

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Tanja!

Thank you for attaching your file! I went ahead and tested the file in Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. I didn't see any issues with the way the course was displayed. 

Here is how the course looked in each:

Another area to look into is the Player Properties. Have you built a custom player? 

Tanja Gmeiner

Hi Lauren,

thank you for your reply. Sorry for my late reply. 

The problem still exist. At your firefox Screenshot you can see the problem. The red rectangle should placed aournd "21.00h" and not in the area beside.

The problem is only at the rectangle 1/4 and 5. 2 and 3 are on the right place. 

In the storyline file the rectangles are in the right place. 

The player is the modern player, no custom. 

Katie Riggio

Greetings, Tanja!

To add to the testing collection, I published your course to Review 360 using Storyline 360, Update 35. Here's the URL!

When viewing the published output in Firefox 72 on macOS and Windows 10, the placement of rectangles with text match the order designed in the course: 

  1. 'Hinweis: Der “Weiter” Button wird aktiviert sobald die Erklärung beendet ist.' (Right side)

  2. 'PSP= Projekt Struktur Code Nummer aus dem Projekt' (Right side)
  3. 'Ein festgelegtes Ergebnis' (Right side)

  4. 'Zeitspanne in Tage' (Right side)

  5. 'Abschluss in Prozent' (Left side)

  6. 'Arbeitsaufwand in Stunden' (Left side)

Here's a short recording of the test during preview, and here's one of the Review 360 test.

Let me know if I'm off-base. Happy to explore further!

Katie Riggio

Hi, Tanja!

So sorry for the confusion on my end, and I appreciate you working closely with me on this. The screenshot is very helpful, and I can now see the placement issue

I opened a case with our Support team so that we can verify whether this is a bug or not. They'll be in touch with the next approach shortly, and I'll follow along!