Format painter not working

Mar 18, 2021

Ever since I downloaded the new Storyline yesterday, I have been unable to consistently get the format painter to work.  The attached video shows it is unable to copy states from one text box to another.  Yesterday, Format Painter wouldn't even copy the formatting from one object to another.  Today it worked a few times in copying a hover state, but it won't copy the deleted hover state. I've also attached the project itself.  Thanks in advance for any help.

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Dakota.

Thank you for reaching out and for including a screencast and a .story file. Which version of Storyline are you currently using?

The format painter will not delete states, only add or update existing ones. 

I couldn't replicate the issue of not copying a new hover state, but one suggestion when copying states from textboxes is to make sure you are clicking the textbox's outside frame instead of inside the text. 

Let me know if this works!

Bo DeAngelo

Hi Dakota,

I am just learning Storyline and observed the same issue.  Thought I was going nuts!  Turns out that you really have to be sure the text box you are applying the state to has a solid border as Maria notes above.  Here is another thread that may help:

After observing closer, it works fine.  Took me a minute though and I am relieved to know I am not going nuts...