Free Form Drag and Drop Question

Feb 07, 2017


I would like to use a drag and drop question that has more choices than drop targets. However, each of the drop targets only have one correct answer. I want to have the extra choices so the learners have to think more about it.

Here's the problem that I am running into. When I publish and choose only the options that have drop targets, regardless of whether they are correct, the slide works properly. When I choose one of the options that doesn't have a drop target, I am unable to submit the interaction.

Does anyone have suggestions on what I can do to fix this?  I attached the slide with the settings.

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Walt Hamilton

Because you have set more than one attempt, the system needs a try again layer. Go to  Form view and fill in the try again blank, and it will work. Alternatively, set the number of attempts to 1 and it will work as it is.

When the user gets a wrong answer, they are shown the try again layer, until they have used all their attempts. Then on the last one, they see the incorrect layer.

Your interaction is working, and showing the try again layer, but there is nothing on it to see.

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