Free Silhoutte Storyline Slide

Thought I'd share this Storyline slide in case someone can make use of it.

I was looking around for an image that was representative of a presenter and an audience, and found something I liked at Pixabay ( I love their free images and use them a lot. This time, I thought I'd like to build something similar to what I found.

Here's a quick overview of what's going on.The presentation screen includes 3 objects:

  • The frame shape
  • A standard rectangle
  • And a text box.
    The font is Segoe Print, which came either with Office or Windows. And obviously you can edit the text.

The people are all Articulate photographic characters. To make the audience members into black silhouettes, I simply changed the Contrast and Brightness to -100%, a trick I learned somewhere here in Articu-land! I think it may have been from a Tom Kuhlmann blog post quite some time back. (To access the Format Picture dialog box, right-click on an image and choose Format Picture from the shortcut menu).

Audience left to right: Ron, Nicole, Rhonda, Nicole again. The pose is “facing away.”
The instructor is Dave. His contrast is -100%, but his brightness is set to -27%.

I did a "select all" and saved all of these out as a .png and was able to use it for my course.

Thanks to David Anderson for a couple tweaks here! He has SUCH a good eye. BTW, he's suggested that you'll use less resources if you save each of these photographic people out as images and then bring them back in. But I wanted to leave them as is for y'all so you can make modifications to them within Storyline.

Please shout out with any questions!

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