Freeform quiz allows Submit without selecting answer

I'm having an issue with one of my freeform quiz questions. When I am previewing, I select "Submit" without choosing an option, I get the prompt that says "You must complete the question before submitting", I click Ok, then it progresses to the "correct" feedback layer.

I checked all the settings and everything looks good (I have other similar quiz slides with the same exact setting and everything matches and works fine). Before I consider this a corrupt slide and redo it, anyone else experience this behavior? I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the recent update.

*I also published the scene to Articulate Review and same behavior.

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Megan Creegan

Hi Leslie, I just tried publishing from my Windows PC and it worked fine. The issue happened in Windows (same version) but I was running it through Parallels on my Mac. I've experience some unexpected behavior when doing it from there. So for now, it's fixed. Thank you for reaching out!

Also curious to hear if anyone else comes across issues while working in Parallels.

Javier Serrano

Hi Megan,

I am having this same issue now. I am running Storyline 360 on a Windows 10 PC. When previewing the quiz slide, I can click the submit button without answering to which I get that same Invalid Answer, You Must Select...but when I click Ok to it, Storyline plays both the Correct and the Incorrect audio files associated with the Correct/Incorrect layers...Have not figured it out how to make this go away. Audio should not play at all until a selection has been made and the submit button clicked. Any other ideas?