Freeform Text Entry quizzes: adding more than 10 entries

Nov 21, 2018

Hi everyone,
I hope someone can help me - I'm stuck.  The template that generates the free-form text entry quizzes limits you to only 10 acceptable answers.  The problem is that I have about 19.  How do I add more answers to the fields to be evaluated in the form view?

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Lisa van der Westhuizen

Thank you Daniel.  I did try that initially, but it did not provide the solution I was hoping for.  The problem is that only one field can be evaluated on a single slide.  So even though I have multiple complete the blanks on it, there is no way for me to assign each text entry to a value through the form view. It limits you to 10 acceptable answers and limits those answers to only one data entry field for evaluation.

Lisa van der Westhuizen

Thank you again.  Still, I can't get it to work.  I'm doing something wrong and I have no idea what.  I found a video that explained the pick one solution to multiple text fields, since your reply was too vague on exactly how you employ the Pick one type quiz.  Followed the example and still no success. I've attached the troublesome slide in a single file.  Would you mind looking at it please?

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