Get rid of the entire left Side Bar Menu/Notes/Glossary by slides

Feb 22, 2013

Hi I understand that you can change the properties of each slide by unchecking Notes, Glossary, Menu. However, when I unchecked all three, the Side Bar still remains and notes is showing.  I want some of my slides to only show the slide section and a seek bar so the slide part can be bigger(for showing a video demo). I know you can do this in Articulate Presenter....can anyone help? '


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Judith Blackbourn

Hi Cindy, unfortunately your choice ultimately is use the player or don't use the player within one .story file. Having said that, the Notes, Glossary, etc. can be moved to show just as a tab at the top of your screen instead of in the sidebar.

You should be able to remove them all by unchecking them, but if you are using a logo, the sidebar is still  visible. And remember, that choice will affect all the slides.

Jan  Stanard

You can change some of the player properties slide by slide.  Not sure if this is what you are looking for but hope so -- in very lower right corner of the slide you want to change is the little "settings wheel".  SEE PIC BELOW  This is where you can change player settings per slide.  Click on the wheel and a new window will open and you will have some default choices there. Then  if you click on PLAYER DEFAULTS and choose "CUSTOM FOR THE SELECTED SLIDES" you can set almost ALL of the player settings for each slide individually.  Hope that is what you are looking for, Cindy!  ( 

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