Getting Characters to change state along the timeline.

Aug 16, 2013

Having just started with SL I'm trying to work out how to do some things.

I love the chartoon characters with their long list of poses and expressions.

I plan to have one as a narrator character on a course and am trying to get her to move to different poses as various things show up and disappear from the slide layer I'm working on. 

I'm looking for the right triggers for that. 

Can anyone tell me how to make and object change it's state when another object appears (based on the timeline)



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Alan Montague, CPLP

Hi Leslie & thanks Garth.

I was wondering if there is any way to make the state transitions fade rather than switch. 

when I was building with Captivate I did it the hard way and had two images on the timeline with a 0.5 second overlap and a fade out on one with the fade in on the other. 

that seems less 'jaring' than what i have with the state changes. 

I suspect there is a way that uses the strength of states with the smoothness of a fade but i just cant find it.

Any ideas?



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