getting data from LMS and use it inside web object as url parameter

Dec 14, 2021

Hey! would appreciate any help with this -

Would it be possible to get through lmsAPI the course id / learning object id?  (similar to retrieving the student ID with lmsAPI.GetStudentID() )

would it then be possible to implement these IDs inside a web object as url parameter?


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Hila Vauch

Thanks @Joseph for your quick reply! Yes, you described it well as this is exactly my problem - i'm trying to create a web object with dynamic parameters (the link I use inside the web object is to an external system and i'm trying to send it parameters related to the course the user came from).

Do you have any idea how I can achieve that? what is AICC Course.ID data element? i'm not familiar with it - would it be possible to convert my SCROM files to AICC? if it has dynamic parameters related to the LMS course maybe I should try it?

Joseph Francis

The Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee (AICC) existed from 1988 to 2014. It created learning technology specifications used widely in the eLearning industry (inside and outside of aviation). Prior to its dissolution, the AICC transferred all its documents to the ADL to ensure continued access for the public. You can read the rather weighty tome here:

CMI001 - AICC/CMI Guidelines For Interoperability (Version 4.0)

While technically obsolete, there are plenty of vendors (some quite large) which still deliver their courseware using AICC, for one, because it's not subject to cross-domain issues like its "successor," SCORM. Plus, all enterprise LMS' which have been around for a decent length of time still fully support AICC as a communications protocol.