Getting Flash version when publishing SL3 files to CD format

Aug 07, 2018

Hey, gang.

Can anyone tell me why, when I publish an SL3 file to CD format, I sometimes get the Flash version output files, which includes the story.html and story_flash.html files? I can then immediately publish again, not changing anything, and I get the HTML5 output files (with story.html and story_html5.html files instead).

Seems like a bug.


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Doug Rice

Hi, Ashley.

Yes...very odd. I have the latest update. I've been testing this on several files and it's definitely happening consistently (Flash output one time. HTML5 another time.).

I can send you an example file. Can I send that to you directly? The material isn't sensitive but it would probably be best not to post it publicly.


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Doug!  I saw the same thing with your test file.  It looks like you've upgraded this file from Storyline 2.  Right now, we have an issue where upgrading a file from Storyline 2 to Storyline 3 will include Flash output on the first publish if you haven't saved your project immediately after the upgrade.  Upon publishing again, with only changing the title of the output, the HTML5 output will display.

I saved my upgraded file, reopened it, and when I published it with the slightly different title in the publishing window, I got HTML5 output consistently going forward.  I hope that workaround helps!

We do have this logged as a bug, so I'll tag this discussion to be updated with any changes.  I'm sorry for the confusion!

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