Getting Storyline to use launcher in LMS

Oct 09, 2013

Hi all.  I've been playing with Storyline to overcome some animation problems that Presenter has.  So far, so good.

But today I've started testing these lessons in the LMS (Moodle 2.5.1).  If I create the lessons with no launch page then they appear in the player window with parts chopped off.  There seems to be an unnecessary amount of white space at the top of the player that pushes the lesson window down and it also gets cut off at the right.  I can make that window a lot bigger, but it still isn't enough and it looks really awkward.

I found this post ( that says you can force the lesson to use the launcher by modifying the imsmanifest.xml file. This does work and the lesson appears in its own, neat window.  But, then there is no completion status sent back to the LMS.

So, I'm stuck.  With Presenter the launcher simply works.  With Storyline it does not do anything (both examples are in Moodle 2.5.1) and the workaround is not going to suit.

If anyone knows how to get a Storyline lesson to appear neatly and completely in the player window or in its own window then I'd love to know.

Next stop will be Presenter 13 to see if that solves the issue I'm trying to get around.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paul and welcome to Heroes! 

As you'll see within the post you mentioned, Justin indicated changing the imsmanifest.xml file could cause problems in the way the LMS is able to read and launch the file. I did run across another thread, where the user was able to fix the window sizing within the Moodle code itself - although I'm not sure how supported this is by Moodle. 

We have a number of community members who are well versed in Moodle, so I hope that they'll help you figure out the correct sizing window you need. Have you changed your story size as well from the default size (720 pixels wide by 540 pixels high)?

Paul Barker

Hi Ashley.  Thanks for your reply.  I'm avoiding modifying Moodle code as it would cause me a problem when upgrading.

I suppose the main thing I want is just for the launcher to work.  I don't really understand why it behaves differently to Presenter?

I'll continue to play with it and hopefully someone in the community will have some more ideas.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paul,

I certainly understand not wanting to modify the Moodle code. Presenter and Storyline both have different players and therefore may behave a bit differently. Have you tried playing with it and loading it within SCORM Cloud first? This will help you determine if there is something in Moodle as well preventing it from working as you expect. 

Paul Barker

Hi Ashley.  I've just been trying Presenter '13 and it now uses the same player as Storyline so it now has the same problem.

My best bet seems to be to publish without the launch page and then try to get the player window to size nicely enough. 

I'd really like to know why the functionality has been changed so that launcher.html is not in the xmlmanifest file anymore.


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