Linking Storyline projects

Aug 08, 2015

Hi there

I am working with a Storyline project that has eventually became 800mb big, which has made the software very slow and impossible to work with, so i have divided my project into separate lessons, each lesson is in its own project, with a main project that will link to each of the lessons. 

My first problem is how do I link each of the lessons to the main Storyline project and secondly my project works with a score.  Each of the lessons has an exercise where you are able to achieve a score, now since the lessons will be in its own project, will the score start from zero each time or is there a way to ensure each subsequent lesson's score is added on top of the score achieved in the previous lesson? 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lizzy,

If you're separating out the courses, the score for each will be independent and there isn't a way within Storyline to tally them across courses. 

In regards to linking them, you'll need to work in reverse, publishing the last one and placing that in a web server/LMS and then using that link on the final page of the second to last course, and publish that one, and so on. 

You may want to look at creating them as their own lessons, as you won't be able to track or resume across the different courses and therefore users may get lost if they exit out of the course or similar. 

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