GIF animations output issues

Jun 09, 2015

Hi all

I have to use gif animations in my Storyline products. Despite setting all media output options to 100% quality, Storyline still reduces/optimises the original images. This, for example, may result in some colours flickering, slower animations, overall reduction in quality.

Has anyone had the same issue and managed to resolve it?


1. original image

2. optimised by Storyline


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tim,

Thanks for sharing the two images here. You mentioned you're changing the optimization and publish quality settings, and I'm also curious to know if you're publishing for web, LMS, etc.? Also where are you testing the final content? You'll want to ensure you're viewing in the intended browser as described here.  

I don't know a lot about gif creation, but we're happy to take a look at the file and see how it's behaving. Can you share a copy of the .story file here with us? Even just that one slide with the gif, or even just the gif file. 

Tim A

OK. The only working solution seems to be renaming the original files into the ones that are in the "mobile" folder after publishing the content (HTML5). This replaces the altered files with the original ones and resolves the issue. It is much more work, but it is the only solution at the moment. The interaction still plays after that.

Also, the issue is not evident while previewing the story. This means that the images are modified during publishing and there is no way of preventing this.

Hopefully, next update will allow us to use the original files without modifying them.