Glitch for Chrome 37


We have the latest version of Storyline that we use it to create scorm 1.2 packages in Moodle. The scorm packages open in a new presentation.

Storyline works fine for Firefox, IE and Safari, however, in Chrome 36 and 37, when you revisit the Storyline object, users are stuck in the message asking if you want to resume the presentation or not:

It doesn't matter if you select 'Yes' or 'Not' nothing happens.

Has anybody else been affected by this problem?
What is the right way of publishing the scorm object so that it runs in Chrome?


Mari Cruz

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mari,

I'm sorry about the behavior you've run into with your courses. Just today I ran across another thread that is having issues in Google Chrome version 37, but I honestly haven't experienced it myself yet - and that's my preferred browser. You may want to subscribe to that thread as well, just in case we're able to determine a specific issue with the newest version of Chrome.

In regards to the support article you linked to here, that issue is with how Chrome handles the locally played Flash content and is connected to those two Chrome bugs mentioned. I don't see any updates within the Chrome documented bugs - but we also don't recommend testing content locally, unless it is content published for CD. If you need a web server or testing platform, you may want to review the few mentioned in this article.

I hope that helps, and please let us know if you have any other questions.